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Flexible Hot Shot transportation, and equipment logistics, serving the Houston Area





Expedited Shipping

We offer expedited shipping for supplies and equipment nationwide.

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Hydraulic Dovetail Trailers Available!

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Hot Shot Towing
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Hot Shot Towing
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Hot Shot Towing
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Long Distance transportation  Expedited Shipping Hot Shot Trucking

Long Distance transportation 

Call and ask any time about long distance pricing and availability. I understand when machinery and vehicles need to get there fast.

Expedited Shipping

If you need it there, I'll get it there. You'll always get an honest estimate for honest work.

Hot Shot Trucking

This is the best place to start for hot shot and equipment logistics. I always take care of things the American way.

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Our Creed

Veteran Logistics Is A Local Company, Owner Operated By Waylon Jackson And Family Out of The NorthEast Houston Area. We Are Committed To Give Back To Our Houston Area Communities By Employing & Supporting Veterans, PTSD Soldiers, First Responders & Local Law Enforcement Officers.