Hot Shot Transportation

hot shot truck houston texas

What is Hot Shot Transportation?

Have you ever had equipment that you needed to have delivered in a set amount of time? I bet it cost you an arm and a leg to get it on time, didn't it? You would have had you delivery on time, and cheaper too, if you had used Veterans Logistics for your hot shot transportation needs.

Just what does 'hot shot transportation' mean, you may ask. Any time a shipment is time sensitive, and is less than a full truck load, you call in someone to hot shot it for you.  Usually a run-for-hire business, the costs, as well as the wait time, is slashed when you chose to hot shot. In the end, your shipment gets there faster, at a fraction of the cost.

The term was coined in our fair state of Texas, in the well known oil fields, but don't think that we here at Veterans Logistics only handle equipment logistics in the Texas area! While we are mainly focused on the South, we can handle your hot shot transportation needs, and ship your freight anywhere in the nation, according to your schedule!custom winch loader trucking

With a rig capable of handling loads up to 16,000 pounds, Veterans Logistics is capable hauling almost anything you may need. Cars, golf carts, ATVS, construction equipment, you name it! We also have RGN trailers, and oversize load equipment available upon request. Contact us here at Veterans Logistics today, and get your hot shot transportation handled by professionals!