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Why Choose Hot Shot Trucking

What Is Hot Shot Trucking

The term hot shot usually refers to either the truck or the cargo. This usually applies to a class 3-5 truck that is used in tandem with heavy trailers in order to transport freight. Hot shot trucking is reserved for a single client to transport heavy cargo, vehicles or machinery to a destination.

The reason that hot shot trucking is used is for when a customer needs their freight transported now. Our company provides expedited shipping of any of your large cargo items. When you need any type of heavy freight there yesterday, that’s what we do.

The Benefits You Can Receive

With hotshot services, you can get what you need where you need it in no time. Veteran Logistics has ready to go hydraulic dovetail trailers that can carry up to 16,000 pounds! When your ready to have your cargo loaded and delivered in the easiest manner, then you’ve found the right company.

You can always ensure that you’ll get the best rates when you work with us. We understand that you need your cargo delivered now. You pick the time and we get it there right when you need it.

Why Do People Use Hot Shot Trucking?

While your average distributor can usually handle the delivery of goods and cargo, sometimes that isn’t enough. It could take days or even weeks for certain products or machinery you need to arrive.

This is the exact reason that hot shot trucking was started. Often times major companies would need certain supplies or machinery to keep up their production. Even power plants would use hot shot truckers to deliver specific goods to the plant ASAP.

When conventional transportation takes too long or is unavailable, then hot shot trucking is the first go to. You can always wait for the main transportation means to deliver your cargo, but hot shot trucking saves you precious time when you need it.

If you’re ready to get the best out of high speed loading and delivery then contact Veteran Logistics today!

Call (832) 221-4530 today!

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