Hot Shot Trucking Custom Trailers

When it comes to hot shot trucking trailers, not all are created equal. The trailer you need depends on what you're pulling. After all, you wouldn't use a toothbrush to scrub a yacht, or a fireman's hose to wash a dirty dish. We here at Veteran Logistics have the experience, and the know-how, to pair each job with the trailer that suits the job best. Above all else, we take our customer's satisfaction very seriously. 


Tilt Deck Trailer

  • 40 FT Long
  • Holds 16k lbs on the Deck
  • Can hold one 40 ft shipping container or two 20 ft containers
  • Available for Delivery Anywhere
  • Oversize Load equipment available on request
  • Self Loading, and unloading, trailer


Flat Deck Trailer

  • 40 FT Long
  • Holds up to 16k LBs on the Deck
  • Oversize Load Equipment available on request
  • Available for delivery anywhere

Need an expert hot shot trucking company? 

Veteran Logistics can get your shipment where it needs to be in no time flat.